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Stunning light shows synced to the music, video and live performers

Lightjams DMX software user interface

I figured out your program and I am amazed. It seriously is the missing link I have been searching for! Matt Guertin

I'm loving the software. Very unique! Larry Zoll of Sensory Interactive

This software is simply brilliant! Tony Watson

Killer app. Great concept and I like the implementation and flexibility. Nice work. (bonus points for command line) Dan Humphrey of GreenLight Event Design

The right side of my brain says thanks. Mark Vodhanel

Great software! I'm enjoying playing with it so much! Cory Helmuth

I've been thinking about your program a lot and the possibilities that are now available because of it. It's pretty amazing really! Joshua Eason

Perfectly "twisted"! Gal Ohr Karmi

Main Features

What is it?   Lightjams is a software for interactive lighting. It’s all about giving you the power to control the lighting in real-time by handling many types of live signals (MIDI, OSC, DMX, music, video, etc.).

Why you need it?   Create one-of-a-kind lighting effects. Add interactivity. Give just enough control to the performers. Sync all your other software and devices.

How it works?   Compatible with any DMX lighting fixtures and LED controllers. Send and receive MIDI/OSC/DMX. Run on all Windows™ computers.

Hundreds of people are using it right now in nightly events and permanent installations. All its great features and unique abilities make it a ridiculously good deal for any lighting professionals and enthusiasts!

Pixel mapping

Create LED walls and matrix. Many video input modes, including Spout. more...

Music to lights

Precise, real time music analysis. ASIO-enabled. more.... Music playback also supported with the Lightjams music player.

MIDI in/out

Have a drumpad, a pedal or using backing tracks or click tracks? more...

OSC in/out

Easily talk to other software and sync video, music and projection. more...

Wii to lights

User movements generate lighting. more...

iPad-Kinect/TUIO to lights

Use multi-touch devices and TUIO/OSC app to generate lighting. This includes the iPad and the new Kinect! more...

Video color to lights

Extract dominant colors from your live video. You can grab your screen output or use any DirectX compatible cameras and capture cards.more...

Kick-ass effects engine

Create unique interactive experiences using fully customizable effects. more...

Moving lights

Sure Lightjams is great for LEDs. But it's also perfect for your moving heads and any DMX compatible fixtures!


Output 64 DMX universes for each network protocol. Input 16 universes for ArtNET and sACN. Much fun ahead.

USB-DMX interfaces

Output 1 universe with these compatible interfaces: DMXKing ultraDMX, Enttec USB Pro, Enttec Open USB

Free fixture editor

Create your own fixture profiles, totally free! The fixture editor allows you to create custom personalities to perfectly match your setup.

Media server

Integrated media server for video playback, mixing and transformations. more...


All you need to create an automated schedule for your architectural project: date, time, sunset and sunrise based on your latitude & longitude.

Extensive color support

Fully compatible with RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW/RGBWA, CMY and white. Also with high resolution 16-bit color support.

You are the Artist with amazing ideas

You're not a sliders pusher. Lightjams will help you think outside the box while never forgetting that you're in the conductor seat.


A creative lighting controller software should be fun to use. Lightjams has the fun factor built-in.


Lightjams is developed with permanent installations in mind. It has to run flawlessly.

All you can think of is interactive

All parameters can be controlled via external inputs coming from a broad range of sources, from music instruments to other lighting consoles.

2D visualizer built-in

View in real-time the results of your creative process without needing physical lighting fixtures.

Always live operation

Go ahead and simply play! With its unique user interface designed from the ground up for interactive lighting, you'll not get bored.

Natural software feel

Some manufacturers say that being a hardware console copycat is a feature. Lightjams is a real software with little things like, you know, copy/paste and undo/redo.

First class technologies

Lightjams is ready for the future. Full use of multi-core CPU technology + the latest user interface software technology to provide you with the best creation experience.

Free updates

Lightjams keeps getting better and you benefit from all new features and enhancements for free! See the development history.

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Ready to use the best software to control your lighting but you have some questions? Bonjour! I’m Mathieu Jacques, the main software engineer on Lightjams, and I’ll be pleased to help you.

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