Videos Lightjams in Action!

Putting It All Together

Let's start with some moving head madness. Oliver Kulpsoo programmed this whole show with Lightjams only, including controlling about 40 Clay Paky moving heads live with a wiimote. The result is stunning and pretty unique. You can watch a longer video here.


Here's Quixotic Fusion performing live with the LED wall they've created for the show ONE. The wall is composed of over 1100 RGB LED fixtures. The content is synced with the music using the MIDI input feature of Lightjams. Lighting design by Daniel Parks. The lighting software used to control the LED wall is Lightjams.


A custom installation by Daniel Schaeffer using Lightjams to output sAcn to control LED strips via Advatek controllers. Lightjams is being remotely controlled by TouchDesigner in real-time.


Thanks a lot to Drew Sewell and Douglas Heriot for this great video of Lightjams in action! Over 24 universes of pixel mapping and a few more universes for moving heads, strobes, lasers... Everything controlled LIVE via multiple midi controllers! Awesome!

GEAR LIST: custom built LED panels with 4050 RGB Pixels, 6 Led stage par cans, 9 Ehrgeiz fusion bars each with 60 ch, 4 blinders, 1 1500w strobe, 4 diode green lasers, 6 Mac250 Movers.


Here's a project by LightUp using 54 DMX universes and two computers running Lightjams. MIDI has been used to keep everything in sync.


Directly from Italy, Manuel Carreras uses Lightjams and an iPad running Lemur to control the lighting. Lemur is used to trigger scenes and modify lighting parameters in real-time and it communicates with Lightjams via the OSC protocol. The show is controlled wirelessly via an iPad, allowing Manuel to move around in the club during the night. The DMX fixtures are: 20 eurolite led bar 252/10, 4 coeff mp 250 fresnell, 3 blinders and 2 eurolite led par 64 rgb.


Dmitry Boyko created the lighting for this very cool event called KRANKENFEST. You can see the computer running Lightjams (yay!) in this photo. The following video is quite entertaining!


Lighting Designer, Nick Foligno from Union Garage Audio designed and ran this light show live to the music of Brooklyn band, The Vandelles. He used a MIDI controller (Akai APC40) to activate cues and designated 'hot' keys for special effects like strobes, floods and fog. Everything is controlled via Lightjams.


Lightjams is the lighting engine behind the TRIFORIUM in Los Angeles. The Lightjams' real-time audio analysis capability has been used to recreate the original artistic vision of this mythic installation. LightRiders programmed and operated Lightjams during the events.


The great Quixotic Fusion are doing their 2013 tour with Lightjams! Here's a video showing them using the music2lights feature to generate an interactive visual. The led wall is composed of about 1100 RGB leds, all controlled by Lightjams. Quixotic also uses the OSC input features of Lightjams to remotely trigger effects.


Jordan Weir created this nice installation using 150 lanterns with WS2811 LED. Lightjams is driving everything based on the music.


Here's a video from Mark Anderson (AndersonLights) using TouchOSC to "play" lights live along with musicians. He has created multiple effects in Lightjams which are triggered in real-time, remotely from his iPad.

MIDI - Lighting with Music Instruments and MIDI sequencers

A wall full of parcans with a smooth effect running on it and live control via a Behringer BCF2000.


A keytar and pre-recorded MIDI tracks are used to control the intensity of incandescent lamps.


Lights are following a keyboard player. This is a one-to-one mapping between MIDI notes and lights.

Lighting Control with the Kinect via OSC Input

Experimentation with a Kinect to control the pan of a moving light. A wiimote is used to change the tilt, color and intensity.

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