VST 2.4 Plugin Control The Lights With Your DAW!

In Perfect Sync

Easily trigger the light effects in Lightjams from your DAW and keep the music and the lights perfectly in sync. Compatible with most DAWs like Ableton Live, Reaper, Cantabile, FL Studio, Reason, etc.

Download Lightjams VST Plugin (Windows 64-bit) or Lightjams VST Plugin (Windows 32-bit). It's free!

Lightjams DMX Lights From Your DAW with the free VST Plugin


1. Install The VST Plugin

You usually just need to put the plugin's DLL file into the VST plugin folder of your DAW.

Make sure to install the proper plugin version (64-bit or 32-bit) matching your DAW, and not Lightjams.

2. OSC Mapping

Start Lightjams - it's still a standalone app. The VST plugin communicates with Lightjams via OSC. That means Lightjams can run on the same computer as your DAW or on another computer on the network.

Use this sample project to get the default VST to OSC mappings.

VST Plugin to control DMX lights

3. Create Your Lighting Effects

Create your effect library in Lightjams and link anything to the OSC values coming from your DAW.

The VST plugin sends all the timing info, including the BPM, time signature, beat position, etc. There are also 64 configurable values that can be used to control anything you want.

4. Trigger Effects From Your DAW

You can automate the 64 parameters of the VST plugin to trigger whatever you want in Lightjams, perfectly in sync with the audio track.

5. Optional Configuration

You can change quite a few parameters by editing the optional configuration file of the plugin. The file must be named the same as the plugin dll file with the ".config" appended to it. Put this file next to the plugin's DLL file.

Here's an example configuration file for the 64-bit plugin.

Please note that if you change the names of the knobs, you also need to map the new OSC addresses in Lightjams. Also, use only plain ASCII characters for the names of the knobs.

VST parameters for DMX lights

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