KiNET Control Your Philips Color Kinetics Fixtures

KiNET is the network protocol used by Philips Color Kinetics fixtures to receive DMX. It's really similar to ArtNET and sACN. Lightjams supports both the KiNET v1 (DMXOUT) and v2 (PORTOUT) protocols.

128 Output Universes

128 universes that is 65536 DMX channels for you to create with.

Philips Color Kinetics KiNET DMX


1. Global Configuration

Access the KiNET configuration by going to View/Configuration.

Network: Here you can select your network card if you have multiple.

Output: Map each Color Kinetics device's IP address and port to one universe in Lightjams. Use the QuickPlay Pro utility to get the IP address of each device. Make sure to close the utility after the configuration is done to avoid flickering.

KiNET Philips Color Kinetics configuration panel

2. Patch

To patch your Color Kinetics fixtures, go in the View/Patch menu, select the fixture template matching your fixtures (for example, generic/RGB) and select one of the KiNET universe that you've mapped.

Select a KiNET DMX universe

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