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Windows 64-bit

Windows 32-bit


Have a Mac? No problem. Use Boot Camp or Parallels to run Lightjams.


All features, even the DMX outputs, are activated. The only catch in trial mode is Lightjams needs to cool down from time to time. Actually, it takes a 30 second break each 15 minutes.

Use the trial version to experiment, learn and create demos for your clients.


Run Lightjams and click the buy now button:

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Minimum System Specs


Windows 7


Dual core 2 GHz


2 GB


1024x768 screen resolution

Recommended System Specs


Windows 7/8/10/11 64-bit


Quad core 2 GHz


4 GB


1400x900 screen resolution

License Information

Buy your license by running Lightjams on your computer and clicking the buy now button at startup. You'll get your license immediately after the payment is done. Paypal and credit cards accepted.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Permanent Licenses (Express $125, Pro $250, Super $350 and Ultimate $450):

All features.

All software updates (major and minor) are FREE. You'll get all these updates.

The channel count per license is output channels (e.g. one RGB LED takes 3 DMX channels and DMX, OSC and MIDI output channels are all counted).

Valid for one specific computer. Pro, Super and Ultimate licenses can be transferred twice to another computer when done within 3 years of the purchase date. Contact us with your new hardware id.

You can upgrade your license at any time. Contact us to proceed.

Unlimited email support.

Rent Ultimate (2 days $40, 33 days $125 and 1 year $250):

All features.

All software updates (major and minor) are FREE. You'll get all these updates.

Valid for one specific computer only.

Premium Support (+$350) Adds:

Custom fixture templates for your project (up to 10).

A sample project to get you started.

Personalized tips and support.

We can talk over the phone a few times to speed-up the process.

To get your Premium License, contact me and we'll start your project right away!

White Label License ($649):

Promote your brand by giving to your clients a custom version of Lightjams with your company information. This puts your brand in front of Lightjams, effectively keeping your customer's business.

Your company's logo.

Your company's name.

Your company's contact info.

The price is per license. Minimum 2 licenses per order. Discount for 5 licenses and more. Contact me to get started.


Simply a License File

The license is a file and you'll get it immediately. No need to wait for a USB key to arrive in the mail. No need to worry about something that can break, get lost, get disconnected during a show or sometimes isn't detected after a computer reboot. With a file, once your computer has a license, it has it for good. Perfect for unattended installations.

No Internet Connection Required

Once you have a license, Lightjams doesn't need to validate anything with a web server. So you can go deep in the forest if that's what you want!

3 Months License Warranty

If your computer breaks within 3 months of your purchase, you'll get a new license, free of charge.

Backup Your License

A license is linked to a specific computer, identified by the CPU and the motherboard. That means you can reinstall your OS, upgrade the RAM or the HDD and your license will still be valid. There's a backup button accessible via the License/View License menu.

Always Up-to-Date

Forget upgrade fees. You always have access to the latest and greatest Lightjams version completely free of charge. See the release history to get a feel of all you'll get over time!

USB to DMX Interfaces

Want an easy way to send DMX from your computer USB port? Any Enttec DMX USB Pro or Enttec OPEN DMX USB compatible interfaces are supported. These are the industry standards and you can find many compatible 3rd party interfaces. Look at these reliable and really affordable interfaces:

DMX Input

Want to receive DMX from another lighting console that doesn't support ArtNET?

You can use the input feature of the DMXKing eDMX1 or any other ArtNET node supporting dmx input to take DMX in and send ArtNET to Lightjams.

ArtNET/sACN E1.31 Output

Transmit multiple DMX universes over ethernet. A little bit more expensive but really powerful. more info...

You can use an ArtNet to DMX device like the DMXKing eDMX4 to get the DMX to your lights.

For sACN E1.31 controllers, mostly for pixel control, look at these great options.


Arrangements can be made for custom installation. Contact me for more information. I really hope you enjoy using Lightjams as much as I enjoy building it!

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