Lightjams LED Mapper Intuitive, efficient and powerful

Professional LED mapping software built for large scale and permanent installations with very demanding needs. LJLM is your best tool for all 2D and 3D LED projects.

Vector-Based Mapping

Quickly and precisely map your LED strips whatever their shapes. Map curves and lines at any angles in a few clicks.

Follow the guide

For complex shapes, using a background image makes the mapping process a real joy.

3D LED Mapping

Map various 3D shapes like LED cubes and tunnels.

Volumetric Effects

Thanks to its innovative effect engine, creating unique 3D effects and content is really made easy with LJLM!

2D and 3D Monitors

Preview your work in real-time with the built-in 2D and 3D visualizers.

100+ Built-in Effects

Hundreds of professional and configurable effects are at your disposal, right out of the box.

Detailed Specs

Key Features

Fast and powerful vector-based mapping tools

3D and 2D LED mapping

Support large installations with up to 8192 DMX universes

CSV import/export for quick integration with other systems

Audio reactive effects

Scheduled playlists for unattended and architectural projects

Easy remote control with your lighting console

White, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBAW and 16-bit pixel support

Extreme robustness for permanent installations

Supported Media

Video files: .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mpeg, .mp4, .mp2, .mkv, .webm, .ogv and .ogg. There’s no video size and resolution limits. The audio track is played back on the default sound device.

Live video streams via NDI, Spout and MJPEG

Static images: .png, .jpg, .bmp, .gif (animated or not)

Capture devices like video capture cards and cameras. Any DirectX/DirectShow compatible hardware and software are supported.

Screen capture and dominant color analysis

Receive content from lighting consoles via DMX as RGB or dimmer channels


Up to 8192 DMX universes

Art-Net, sACN (E1.31), KiNet v1 and v2

ArtSync and sACN sync packets

CITP integration for lighting consoles

NDI outputs for 3rd party lighting vizualizers

DVI outputs for projectors and TVs


DMX remote control via Art-Net, sACN and a USB-DMX interface

OSC remote control

HTTP remote control with a REST API

8 audio inputs with ASIO support for real-time audio analysis

Computer Specs


Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

4-Core 3GHz CPU



Integrated video card

1Gbps ethernet


Windows 10 or 11

8-Core 3GHz CPU



Nvidia P2200 5GB video card

1Gbps ethernet


Windows 10 or 11

12-Core 3.5GHz CPU



Nvidia P4000 8GB video card

10Gbps ethernet

Get It!

Download Lightjams LED Mapper 64-bit for Windows. Until you get a license, LJLM runs in trial mode with all features enabled and a reminder screen every 5 minutes.

Download the user manual to have all the info to use the software to its full potential.

Download the web app to remotely control LJLM from any phones, tablets and computers with a web browser. See the instructions in the zip file.


For a list of great LED controllers, look at these Art-Net/sACN LED controllers.


To buy your license, run LJLM on your computer and click the buy now button at startup. You can always upgrade to get more universes by adding another license.

No internet connection needed once a license is activated. This is perfect for permanent and unattended installations.

Permanent licenses are tied to one computer and can be transferred twice within 3 years of the purchase date.

Pricing (USD)

The prices are based on the number of DMX universes needed. You can see how many universes you use in LJLM by going in the settings/project menu.


256U $1500

512U $2250

8192U $4500

Rent 256U

2 days $75

1 month $300

1 year $600

Rent 8192U

2 days $150

1 month $675

1 year $1350

Any questions? Contact us!

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